Scale marketing and sales without hassle.

Training to help you identify gaps in your marketing-to-sale process, eliminate attrition with a custom engagement approach, and drive revenue at an unparalleled rate. 

Drive Revenue With a Year-Long Marketing and Sales Alignment Training Program

Through the Strategic Alignment Program, you get to learn from the leader who has implemented this system successfully in more than 50 businesses across a dozen industries. The strategy and execution tools will allow you to synchronize your marketing and sales efforts in a way that allows you to hit the numbers you need to, and the ones you want to.

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Four Areas You Will Learn To Sync


Consistent and effective communication is at stake when leadership doesn’t have a vision or messaging isn’t well documented. Get the tools you need to create and refine your marketing and sales azimuth.


When marketing and sales don't have an aligned process, data falls through the cracks at every stage in the funnel. Learn to engage and capture your audience in a way that scales with your audience.


If your tools aren't working for you, they are working against you. Get the comprehensive understanding of the types of tools and how they work together to build a stack that unites.


If you are aiming blindly without benchmarks values in place, you are setting marketing and sales up for failure and your team for disappointment. Learn how to use data to align and drive results.

Resources to Help You Implement a Refined Methodology


Video Teaching

On-demand access to videos from Deore Design's CEO that teach you to align efforts in a way that's accessible and actionable.


In-Line Exercises

Relevant, compounding checkpoint assignments that empower you to build a scalable strategy for on macro and micro levels.


Rollout Guide

A 90-day implementation plan with details on how to execute your revised strategy and templates to help make quick changes.


Connection Points

Opportunities to brainstorm with other program participants, troubleshoot with Deore Design's team, and meet 1on1 with the CEO.

Companies that have seen transformation

Our Mission

Deore Design is a strategic alignment agency that helps small and medium sized business leaders streamline their sales and marketing efforts to eliminate gaps in their funnels, ultimately driving revenue.

Get Access to the Overview Course

Learn the fundamentals of the Strategic Alignment System. This course will teach you what is needed to identify gaps in your funnel, eliminate attrition with purposeful content, and drive revenue through sales enablement strategies